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Kingswood's talented carpenters personally attend to details and tasks such as pouring footings, drain tile, framing, installing exterior finishes, building custom cabinets and built-ins, hanging doors and cabinets and installing wood flooring and trim. We’ve found our success largely relies on surrounding ourselves with subcontractors and carpenters who are the best at their trades.


  • Custom Built Homes
  • Custom Design
  • Room Additions
  • Home Remodeling
  • Custom Cabinets and Built-ins
  • Finished Basements


Kingswood Inc. was founded in 1997 by Steve Williams. Steve earned a Manufacturing Engineering degree from Bradley University – Peoria, Illinois. The engineering degree lends itself well to his need to seek out and understand all the details and requirements of a project before the design or building even begins. This educational background provides a basis for the technical evaluations and interactive design that are encountered in the building and design process.


Whether it is the owner’s engineering background or the passion to build unique and high quality creations, the philosophy that drives Kingswood is that every client is as unique as the home that we build for them, and it is only through close communication, hard work and close management that we can exceed the customer’s needs and expectations. To that end, Kingwood only builds a limited amount of homes per year. In doing so, we can ensure that our clients get the one on one attention that they deserve, and that the building project and workmanship receives the proper management that is needed to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.


Kingswood Custom Builders is a proud member of the following associations:

Peoria home builders association
Illinois home builders association
National home builders association
Washington chamber of commerce

"Providing customers with the highest quality, personalized custom building experience where the home is as unique as the owner. Communication, quality, and excellence is the standard."